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Did you know?

According to the Manufacturing Institute, manufacturing supports an estimated 12 million jobs in the US currently. This number was more than 19 million in 1978. Upon inventing the Belly Bandit line we were extremely concerned about two important things. First, who would be making our products, the standard of work conditions were extremely important to us. We wanted to pop in and verify this on any given day, week or month. Second, the quality of our products needed to be top notch, this was non-negotiable.

We are all perfectionists who want and strive for the best. We know that the only way to truly sell quality product is to be able to watch over it, go down to our manufacturing plants and press check. Belly Bandit is proud to disclose that more than half of our product line is comprised of products that are made in the USA of domestic and imported materials. While we extremely diligent about putting out the best products both of quality and craftsmanship we do have some carefully vetted partners we deem worthy to carry the Belly Bandit name in other countries. Our clientele is very discerning and these women know quality and we want to always deliver as promised.

We invest in our neighbors, partners and vendors right here in America, we hope you support us as we continue to grow our portfolio of products, providing more and more opportunities for Americans.