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Marissa Hermer, Ladies of London, Celebrity Mum
Marissa Hermer, Ladies of London, Celebrity Mum

Marissa Hermer

“A friend of mine gave me Belly Bandit during my last pregnancy and I loved it - made me feel so much smoother and more comfortable during pregnancy - thankfully I know about it this time around so will be using it from the beginning!“

Luisa Zissman, Celebrity Mum

Luisa Zissman

“The belly bandit was my saviour after having my first daughter. It was comfortable, discreet and most importantly really did work! I ended up having a better stomach after having a child than before! Without doubt I'll be using belly bandit again after I have given birth this time round!“

Olivia Wayne, Celebrity Mum

Olivia Wayne

Olivia Wayne wearing Belly Bandit Bump Support Tank to the War Dogs - Special Screening in London.

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Kourtney Kardashian | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Kourtney Kardashian

“I designed a Limited Edition Belly Bandit® that I have been using successfully since giving birth. One of the first things my friends with kids told me when I got pregnant was “buy a Belly Bandit!” So I was thrilled to team up with them and actually get to design one so that it is sexy, stylish and actually helps tighten and shrink your belly after giving birth. It also totally helped support my back. “

Christina Applegate | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Christina Applegate

“Belly Bandits mother compression tank gave me the support and confidence I needed to get back in to my pre-baby clothes."

Nia Long | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Nia Long

“The Belly Bandit is great! I’m back in my jeans without in muffin top after 6 weeks. All mommies should try the Belly Bandit after they give birth.”

Julie Bowen | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Julie Bowen

“Twins destroyed my body; seriously. Belly Bandit had me back into my ‘’almost skinny’’ jeans in 8 weeks.”

Jewel | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom


“I have my new BFF (by Belly Bandit) packed in my hospital bag and ready to go. I can’t wait to use it.”

Ali Landry | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Ali Landry

“Just bought my secret to a flat stomach post pregnancy, xoxo.”

Lisa Ling | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Lisa Ling

"These Mother Tucker leggings by Belly Bandit® are the best - I take them everywhere with me."

Rosie Pope | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Rosie Pope

"There are so many gimmicks out there that don't work. Heidi Klum recommended the Belly Bandit® to me, and it really works."

Nancy O'Dell | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Nancy O'Dell

“Loving my Mother Tucker compression leggings by Belly Bandit - LOVE, LOVE!”

Diane Farr | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Diane Farr

“I am looking forward to using the bamboo Belly Bandit!”

Molly Sims | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Molly Sims

“throw on a simple black tank and leggings for a streamlined and slimming look. I am wearing my fave Mother Tucker Pants from Belly Bandit. Mamas, take note…these are AMAZING!” “FYI, mommas and mommas to be, I’m also wearing my Belly Bandit. I love, love, love that thing!"

Minnie Driver | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Minnie Driver

“The Belly Bandit not only helped my tummy, but also really supported my back and helps my posture while nursing.”

Selma Blair | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Selma Blair

“I love my Bamboo BDA pants by Belly Bandit!”

Jenn Brown | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Jenn Brown

"I first heard about Belly Bandit from a friend who had just had her first child. I had just gotten pregnant and was asking her of the must buy items for pregnancy/post pregnancy. The first thing she said I needed to get was a Belly Bandit. She said it was reason she got her pre-baby body back so quickly and she absolutely loved it. Well I couldn't agree more! I absolutely love all of the belly bandit products. I used them throughout my pregnancy and I wore my Belly Bandit religiously after my son came. Within 2 weeks I already stated to feel like my tummy was back to where it was before I got pregnant. I now will be telling all my friends about the belly bandit!"
-Emmy Award winning sports broadcaster and current Host of American Warrior Ninja

Cynthia Daniel | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Cynthia Daniel

"its way more comfortable than I ever imagined. I wish I had this for my first pregnancy. I love how the Belly Bandit flattens my stomach and supports my back at the same time."

Poppy Montgomery | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Poppy Montgomery

“What a genius idea. This is a great gift for all new moms.”

Melissa Joan Hart | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Melissa Joan Hart

“Belly Bandit is helping me return to my pre-baby body. Not only is the compression great for returning my hips to their normal size and helping with my digestion, wearing the band itself is a great reminder to maintain good posture and a strong core. Thanks a ton for a great product to help new mommies feel like themselves again.”

Ana Ortiz | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Ana Ortiz

“They say breast-feeding helps, so I’m going to be doing that, but there is this thing called the Belly Bandit and apparently that is supposed to help, but I’m going to pull out all the stops.”

Orly Marley | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Orly Marley

“Pregnant with my 3rd baby and just when I thought I had nothing left to wear that fit me & felt comfortable, I discovered the BDA pants. I have no idea what I wore before they came along!! They feel so soft, almost like a second skin. I never want to take them off; well, only to wash and put back on. I would recommend this product to anyone pre-during or post pregnancy!!”

Adrianna Costa | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Adrianna Costa

“A combination of healthy eating, breastfeeding and rocking my beloved belly bandit 24/7, helped me bounce back to pre-baby weight in less than 8 weeks" Comfy, supportive and discreet, there's no better product out there. You've got my stamp of approval!!”

Shannon Miller | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Shannon Miller

“Lol, I am about to order my Belly Bandit. I can’t find the one that I wore after my son was born!”

Kaycee Stroh | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Kaycee Stroh

"I am a huge fan of Belly Bandit® products!"

Erin Ziering | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Erin Ziering

“I loved the Belly Bandit, I wore it religiously. I completely owe most of my post pregnancy to your product.”

Camilla Rutherford | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Camilla Rutherford

“After having four babies I thought my body would never recover. Thank heavens for the belly bandit products..they've held me in shape and given me the confidence to believe I can look good again so much sooner than I thought possible..' a mother's little helper.' Thank you Belly Bandit!”

Bethany Frankel | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Bethanny Frankel

“Thank you so much for the Belly Bandit -I am wearing it as we speak.”

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Morgan Miller | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Peepin' Paparazzi

Christina Aguilera | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Christina Aguilera

Wearing the Mother Tucker Leggings

Mother Tucker Leggings
Selma Blair | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Selma Blair

Strolling with her new Belly Bandit Collection

Belly Bandit®Collection
Kelly Rowland | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Kelly Rowland

Shopping for the Bamboo Belly Bandit

Bamboo Belly Bandit®
Orly Marley | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Orly Marley

Wearing her B.D.A. Pants

B.D.A. Collection
Holly Madison | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Holly Madison

Caught shopping for the BFF Belly Bandit

BFF Belly Bandit®
Kourtney Kardashian | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom Wearing black lace couture print

Kourtney Kardashian

Wearing the black lace couture print

Ali Landry | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Ali Landry

Getting a lift with the upsie belly

Upsie Belly
Sarah Drew | Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom

Sarah Drew

Excited to try out her new bamboo

Bamboo Belly Bandit®