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Belly Bandit Black / Small Belly Bandit® C-Section & Recovery Undies

Belly Bandit® C-Section & Recovery Undies

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After delivery and once you're ready (be it 2 days or 2 weeks post-surgery) these support and recovery undies will come to your rescue with targeted compression to help reduce swelling and silver-infused fibers that can help eliminate bacteria, wetness and odor #yougetit! 

  • Protects incision area and helps speed up recovery
  • Silver-infused fibers woven into panty help eliminate odor and bacteria
  • Moisture wicking fabric helps keep you cool, fresh and dry
  • Compression helps reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Supports weakened stomach muscles for easier mobility
  • Slims post-baby belly
  • Can be used after natural delivery

Customer Reviews

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Not sure

Not sure what this achieves but the day after I wore if all day it really hurt my insides! Is this normal!?

Great product!

Really pleased with this product. I already had the standard belly bandit wrap but the c section one is a nice add on. I am quite petite and thus the standard belly wrap isn’t convenient for everyday around the house with a baby and a toddler. I can use the c section one when I am staying at home and can ware it for longer. I still use the standard wrap when I am going out as it is giving me more support to carry the kids in the sling or just holding them. I feel a lot more secure about the c section when I am wearing both. And it is working very well to shrink my pregnant belly! Thank you Belly bandit for two great products!

Very supportive

I'm 5ft 2, normally a size 10 / 12, weighed 12 stone on day of delivery. Bought belly bandit extra small based on sizing chart but was dubious it would fit me. Fantastic fit! Great support, gives me a lot of confidence. Only bad news is i'm still 5 ft 2 :-(

I couldn’t recommend this more - PERFECT!

I cannot recommend the C-Section Belly Bandit enough. Whilst I didn’t have a caesarean, I wanted a product that was best suited to my body shape, and this is perfect for the bigger girl. This was my 7th delivery and I’ve never tried any products that keep me ‘held in’ after the birth. After suffering with excruciating SPD and sciatica I knew I needed some extra support once surrogate baby was here and I couldn’t ask for anymore from the Belly Bandit. I’ve only taken it off for a few hours here and there whilst I wash it and during those times I’m lost - my back pain increases and so does my postpartum bleeding. Whilst this product is on the more expensive side it honestly is worth every penny. I love it that much that I’m about to order the next size down!! :)

Ok and comfortable

Nice material and holds tummy in well. I couldnt wear this as early as described as it was far too sore to have this pressing on tummy. The corset clasps start too high for me so belly pushes out under so i have to pull the entire thing down for it to fit correctly. Other than that is quite comfortable to wear (annoying when you need the loo though as have to undo the entire thing!!) Also i think they need to review the model that advertises this as she does not look like she needs a belly bandit or that shes had a baby...