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Belly Bandit Black / XS-M Belly Bandit® 2-in-1 Bandit™

Belly Bandit® 2-in-1 Bandit™

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A double dose of support. Our 2-in-1 Bandit™ is designed to work with your body during and after pregnancy. While your bump grows, our band comfortably lifts and supports you in all the right places. Then, once you've delivered, wrap it around your hips to help guide them back to pre-pregnancy size.

P.S. If you're looking for the Hip Bandit, you've found the right place, it's been updated!

  • Complete adjustability to grow with your belly
  • Eases sciatic, back & leg pain
  • Helps relieve bladder discomfort
  • May help to minimize stretch marks
  • Helps increase circulation & blood flow
  • Decreases varicose veins, hernias & hemorrhoids
  • Helps guide your hips back to pre-pregnancy size after you give birth 

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Very happy with purchase!!

Have used this so far as support during exercise and it’s been great. Feel nicely supported whilst having enough flexibility to move freely whilst training. Will continue to use postpartum with the BBF belly band.


Very pleased, it has helped me immensly to manage the pain 😊

Lovely material, comfy too

I’m giving this product 8weeks, but the way it grips you with support and to bound you back into shape, I’m impressed already.

Wish I had it sooner

The material is very good and sturdy and I wish I would have bought this when I was would have offered great support. I wore it following thr 3rd week after delivery and it did seam to help with hips and belly size reduction but I was following a diet and I have no way of knowing in what percentage was the belly bandit or just luck. I will keep it for the following pregnacy. I thi k it s wirth the money as you can wear it 2 ways before and after delivery. The material is good but you have to ne careful not to but the velcro on the inside part which makes the seams go out. Hand wash also. Recommend it!

4th pregnancy DR and Hernia

I have a pretty weak torso from back to back pregnancies over ten years ago. I knew I needed support this time and I purchased the belt to help my tummy as it grows. 17 weeks and it really helps with bladder pressure. Can’t wait to purchase other products.