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Belly Bandit Black / Small Belly Bandit® B.D.A™ Leggings

Belly Bandit® B.D.A™ Leggings

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Our BDA Leggings adjust to the ups and downs of pregnancy. A wardrobe staple that's comfortable to wear all day and all night – throughout your pregnancy and way beyond!

Wear leggings over your belly for light support or roll the top down for a snug and comfy fit at every stage.

  • Ultra-soft, breathable knit
  • Seamless, tagless design
  • Fabulously comfortable
  • Convertible fit for every stage
  • Wear before, during and after pregnancy

Customer Reviews

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Belly Bandit® B.D.A™ Leggings

B.D.A leggings

I am almost 30 weeks and I went with size large cause I’m right between medium and large. I really do like them cause they are so comfy and I will have room to finish growing but I feel like I maybe should have done a medium. I should have asked what they recommend, sizing up or down. I am definitely interested in getting a pair of the bump support or mother tucker for post pregnancy.

Love love love

These are a maternity staple. They are so comfy. It feels like I am wearing nothing. For reference, pre-pregnancy I weighed 120lbs and am 5’3. Currently 35 weeks pregnant and weighing 135lbs. I bought a size small.

Love these leggings

I’m 30 weeks along and these leggings are what I was looking for. I wear them multiple times a week to work and they feel great. I agree with the other reviewers saying they are NOT see through, but opaque. They are breathable and comfy, exactly what I was looking for.

Love love love these leggings

I wasn't a big fan of paying this price for leggings, but they are totally worth it. I love them - they're thick enough to wear with a long shirt to work and still look put together. Super comfy. I live in them now!