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Belly Bandit Black Belly Bandit® Don't Sweat It

Belly Bandit® Don't Sweat It

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It's time to cut the B.S. - Boob Sweat, that is! Our Dont Sweat It bra liners minimize the effects of unsightly and uncomfortable under-boob perspiration. Simply slide our discreet liner beneath the bottom of your bra and say goodbye to wet clothes and irritated skin. Our soft, viscose from bamboo material gently absorbs moisture while moving with your body. Any size, any age or any activity—these sweat soakers are the perfect way to stay dry and comfortable around the clock.

  • Discreetly fits under your bra
  • No more wet clothes or irritated skin
  • Moves with your body
  • Made from super soft viscose from bamboo

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Elizabeth Barcoe
Don’t sweat it

Very good service. Really works well no sweating when using item

Alessandra Trivero

Very comfortable

Matej Rajsp

Belly Bandit® Don't Sweat It

julie shand
Julie scrumptious

Was really looking forward to trying this. Unfortunately, next to my size 40DD breasts the belly bandit was far too small. It was no where near the size of the one advertised. However, as I can sew, I photocopied it (blown up by 75%) then bought 2 x cotton camisoles for £4, and used the “pattern” shape to make 7 x liners which are perfect. I suppose would be fine if you were 32b cup but then you probably wouldn’t suffer from boob sweat - waste of money

Sharon Gregory

Shame it doesn’t come with made to measure sizes for a secure fitting