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Belly Bandit Black / X-Small Belly Bandit® Viscose from Bamboo

Belly Bandit® Viscose from Bamboo

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The Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap is the natural choice, literally. This Belly Bandit Belly Wrap combines our softest and comfiest fit with the firmness and strength you need to gently reshape your belly, waist and hips.

Our exclusive PowerCompress Core™ technology is your secret weapon to help accelerate the healing process and get you back to your pre-pregnancy size or smaller.

Our Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps are designed to work with Relaxin, a natural hormone produced during pregnancy. Relaxin allows your pelvis and ligaments to soften for childbirth and stays in your body for a limited amount of time post-delivery. Wear the Belly Bandit® Belly Wrap for at least the first six to ten weeks postpartum to help achieve optimal results.

  • Supports back, leg & core muscles
  • Lose inches & look slimmer instantly
  • Adds support while breastfeeding
  • Provides comfort after C-Section
  • Helps minimize stretch marks
  • Accelerates healing
  • Applies medical grade compression to help expedite fluids through the body
  • May help with muscle memory and body shaping
  • Helps with abdominal separation also known as diastasis recti


Use the Official Belly Bandit® Calculator

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To ensure the most accurate sizing, we do not advise sizing earlier than the 8th month. Please note the sizing calculator is not an exact science and all measurements must be given correctly to receive the closest sizing recommendation.

Customer Reviews

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margaret matthews


Rachel Keane

Belly Bandit® Viscose from Bamboo

Fatima Mohammed
It bunches up and becomes uncomfortable

I would love to wear the belly bandit all day but it bunches up and becomes so uncomfortable and hot that you can’t keep it on especially if you are trying to move around. For the price my expectations weren’t met.

Jade Dyer
It's OK

Delivery of the product took ages so order it before your baby is born to get it in time.
I think it would have been really helpful if I'd had it sooner to support my section scar.
The creases are really annoying so is the fact if you wear it at night it makes your very warm.
It also rides up when you bend over or sit down.
But it does compress, does allow you to wear your norma jeans and tops from pre pregnancy and it does help to reduce your post partum tummy, helps with pulling it all back together especially if like me you had twins. So I would recommend it. Just don't expect too much

Lesley Thain
Great support post C section

I was a bit sceptical about this product but wanted to find something to support my tummy and back post c section. The belt has been great providing support and really helped me when getting out for a walk. The fact it pulls everything in is a nice to have - was mainly looking for the support which it has delivered. Worth the money for some pain free walks in the first month with baby.